APP Trust

Why the Trust was formed?

For about twenty five years Rev. Gurudev had kept himself involved with activities aiming at achieving welfare and happiness for people in general. To expedite these activities and for their smooth functioning, some well-wishers endowed with great wisdom, humbly asked for Gurudev’s permission to from a trust. While giving his consent after three years, Gurudev said, “If you can do these activities in a better way by forming a trust, go ahead.” Hence the A.P.P. Trust was formed.

The true explanation of the words that forms the title the title “Aumguru Premsamarpandhyanabhikshu Parivar Trust” :

  • ‘Aum’ :Means the name of omnipresent God acceptable to all.
  • ‘Guru’ :Means the one who is not small.
  • ‘Prem’ :Means  the yardstick that measures sacrifice.
  • ‘Samarpan’: Means  renouncement of ego.
  • ‘Dhyana’ : Means concentration through which one can identify one inner strength.
  • ‘Bhikshu parivar’: A group of man who is on intimate terms with everything, inert or alive.


The complete meaning:

A.P.P. Trust means an institution which considers faith as an asset, is on intimate terms with everything inert or alive in the world, awakens the inner strength through love and takes others along on a higher plane by the grace of God ‘AUM’.