Activities of APP Trust

  • To take every effort to propagate the true significance of Aum, the prime name of God, in an easy, comprehensible manner.
  • To endeavour to upgrade contemplation-reflection and thereby uplift the society. To accomplish this, make efforts
  • To channelize the thoughts of pan-sophist Rev. Shri Yogabhikshuji through publication of books.
  • To keep the aura of enlightenment afresh by conducting Satsang (spiritual gatherings), prayers and discourses periodically round the year.
  • To give suitable help to deserving students and poor patients.
  • To keep the flame of enlightenment ever kindles by publishing Gurudev’s forceful, transparent and sublime speeches expressed with a view to attain well-being of the people of the world through lectures delivered on numerous occasions, in the periodical namely “Ritambhara”.
  • To make the society illusion-free by publishing and circulating seemingly a bitter pill-like but potentially competent literature to liberate from the agony of the recurring births and hence immensely companionate, speeches in the form of ‘knowledge through leaflets’ and leaflets propagating holy literature.
  • To present the holy literature published by the trust to holy and respected persons as a part of fulfilling the dictum “through the publicity of holy literature the contemplation-reflection of society becomes healthy”.
    To lend one’s own hand in the endeavour of strengthening the universal brotherhood by imparting unique and diverse vision to  the society.
  • To spread message of acquiring happiness and peace to every household and every person through morning processions, chanting prayers and thought provoking slogans on the way.
  • To publish quotations from the divine utterances of Gurudev on the covers of note-books printed for students on ‘no profit no loss’ basis so that students can have an everlasting treasure close at hand.
  • Stickers of sublime and auspicious slogans are prepared and stuck on the houses and vehicles of the devotees so that they can easily find their way into the memory of the people.
  • The true explanation of the words that forms the title the title “Aumguru Premsamarpandhyanabhikshu Parivar Trust” :
    ‘Aum’ : Means the name of omnipresent God acceptable to all.
    ‘Guru’ : Means the one who is not small.
    ‘Prem’ : Means  the yardstick that measures sacrifice.
    ‘Samarpan’: Means  renouncement of ego.
    ‘Dhyana’ : Means concentration through which one can identify one inner strength.
    ‘Bhikshu parivar’: A group of man who is on intimate terms with everything, inert or alive.