The Sun Cannot Hide

The fragrance of Yogabhikshuji’s piety is wafting all over like a flower. He shuns publicity. It is a part of his nature. But how long can the sun hide himself? When a famous magazine was refused to publish some matters about Gurudev, its editor commented, “How long can you keep the gold hidden?

The American yogi Shri Narayan Sadashiv writes in his letter to Gurudev, “You have put yourself to use wholeheartedly in the scheme of God. It is good that offering yourself to open the doors of Raj-Yoga for others. The task which you are carrying on to march towards a holy destination by bridging about awareness through the medium of Aum, transcends all logics. It is like a great bliss. Through you, the world has now been provided with an opportunity to understand their heart and also the heart of India. You have said ‘I am Yogabhikshu (one who gives alms of Yoga).’ The history of Yogabhikshuji’s life is immensely precious. I had to brave many hurdles to achieve the worthiness to be called Yogabhikshu. The inquisitors will be greatly benefitted if you publish your autobiography and experiences of Yoga.

Respected Swami Akshranandji writes: “What your speech reflects is heart and not mind, faith and not intellect, education not sermons. Your laughter is not clothed in rhetoric and pomp, it exudes agony, pain and compassion.”

Says respected Swami Abhedanandji of Mount Abu: “When someone comes to me in rigorous pursuit of a yogi after bending every branch of a meadow and scaling every hill of Mount Abu, I say ‘Why hither! Go to Yogabhikshuji of Ahmedabad.”

I his peculiar expression Gurubanda Shamlaji of Hathijan Ashram writes: “You are a unique personality of this world, a lighthouse for those who have lost their way in the voyage of their life, a fountain of nectar, messenger of religion and a living embodiment of almighty.”

A gentleman to the core and sub-editor of ‘Vishwavatsalya’ Shri Manubhai goes in raptures addressing Gurudev with the epithet ‘Acharya’ and the ‘Rishi’ of upnishads.

A learned scholar of almost all Indian scriptures Dr. Bhagvatiprasad Pandya takes pridein calling Gurudev “Avadhoot Dattatreya Incarnate” and “The Patanjali of Modern Times”.

In his letter to Gurudev, respected Manavmuniji of the Visarjan Ashram, Indore writes: “O man of the era, Holy-Highness Yogiraj Shri Yogabhikshuji, I have read your literature. It is both beneficial and educative for human life. It should be presented as gifts on auspicious occasions such as marriage along with other gifts. Your presentation on ‘Shivambu’ in the booklet ‘Kadvun Amrut’ is very effective. An in depth reading of the article can help people understand the reality. The education department of the Government of Gujarat should include your literature for the curriculum.