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Demand to Undertake Diksha

{‘Diksha’ (A religious ceremony through which a person is ritually accepted as disciple by a Guru)}

Many people ask me to help them undertake Diksha. To them I always give the same answer.

“I neither make anyone my disciple nor tie a religious string around his/her neck. I never tell people to recite any particular scripture. I implore to imbibe whatever you feel good from lectures and discourses and make your life fruitful. My doors are wide open for every devotee and inquisitor. If you feel that you have not achieved for what you have come, you may walk on to some other door where you feel you can attain what you really want. And yet, staying there, if you genuinely feel that you are getting less than what you used to get at the door of Yogabhikshuji, you, with all the innocence of your heart, do not hesitate to come to my door again.

“As one draws water from river according to one’s own need, one acquires knowledge and true understanding according to one’s faith and attempt from the stream of knowledge. A stream of knowledge of understanding flows from our place. All of you have a share in it. Draw from it. But while drawing, be aware of your capacity to digest. If you grab more than what you could digest, your stomach and mind are bound to be upset. Now you will ask me to tell you how much you can digest. But that is for you to find out.

Standing at the doors of Guru, Alms of Yoga I bring;
As I share everything I have, Seekers of salvation will Surely have something.

The Essence of Education

One should never forget that all kinds of education are undertaken to attain self-realization. The formal education being imparted in various educational institutes like schools and colleges do not aim only at earning subsistence. Even illiterate people and animals can earn their livelihood. The essence of all education lies in ensuring that the skill acquired from them is put to use in attaining the God, i.e. attaining a better and truer understanding of God.

When people who have a clear understanding of the ‘Supreme’, try to explain it through the words and examples of various branches of physical studies, the knowledge of words and formal education makes it easy to understand.

Why we took birth on this earth and what will compel us to leave it against our desire? These are some of the imperceptible mysteries which are required to be unfolded. Education proves helpful in this regard.

No learning or education can stop death. But it can certainly become a tool in acquiring proper understanding of death and thereby paving a way for liberation from the fear of death. As such, only attainment of ‘MOKSHA’ can liberate us from death, but liberating oneself from fear of death is almost as good as liberating from death. Education should be held vindicated only when it becomes an auxiliary in liberating a human being from the fear of death.