Welcome to Aum Parivar

Who belong to Aum Parivar?

The A, U and M – three letters of AUM can be heard in all languages and voices of all living creatures of the world. No sound can be produced without these three letters. AUM is a composite form of letters A, U and M. Hence all beings using these three letters belong to Aum Parivar.

Everybody recites AUM

People with wisdom and knowledge say that when one inhales, the sound ‘so…..’ is produced and when one exhales, the sound ‘hum’ is produced. In this way every living creature unceasingly chants ’sohum, sohum,….’ (Meaning – its I, its I,…)without any visible effort.

If we delete ‘s’ and ‘h’ from ‘so’ and ‘hum’ respectively, only ‘AUM’ remains. Thus every single breath of a living being is filled to the brim by the name of God (AUM).

Known-Unknown Bhikshu Parivar

Aum Parivar is bestowed with three bhikshus namely Shri Guruprembhikshuji, Shri Sadgurusamarpanbhikshuji and Shri Gurudhyanbhikshuji.  The parivar is also filled with numerous other bhikshus who work silently, ceaselessly to keep the flow of welfare activities uninterrupted The parivar keeps receiving compliments and co-operation of intellectual people.The bliss of Aum – the supreme soul – have been showering on us unceasingly.

The Guiding Light of Aum Parivar

No power in the world can stop ‘Laghu’ from becoming ‘Guru’. A ‘Laghu’ will unfailingly become ‘Guru’.